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7 tips to get cheaper home insurance in Alberta

The average Canadian spends at least $500 per year on home insurance alone. That’s a lot of money. But, perhaps we don’t realize that we can unintentionally raise the price of insurance. Here are a few lifestyle choices that may help you save a few bucks: Get quotes from various companies You need to have a lot of time on your hands if you’re going to save money. We’ve all assumed that insurance agencies have standardized rates. This is a misconception – and we’re paying heavily for it. In a…

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Edmonton insurance

There are dozens of local insurance companies in Edmonton you can buy your tenant insurance policy with. Further, the many companies you can choose from when buying your tenant policy, will also offer auto, home, life, rental, or other types of insurance you are going to require. So, how do you go about choosing the right local insurance companies in Edmonton to deal with? How do you find the best bundle package options, the highest level of coverage, and not overpay for the coverage you do not really need? If…

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